About ASA

American Scholars Academy provides Test Prep and Universities Placement Services. We focus exclusively on live, in-person, classroom based courses. We prepare students for the SAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS Exam. Our focus on live instruction yields the best in-person, classroom based course offerings. We have helped students increase their scores on standardized tests.

We have helped students increase their scores on standardized tests.

Our Goal is to Help Others

At  American Scholars Academy, our work is to help others. Our mission is to help students maximize performance and reach their potential. We’re good people with integrity whose primary concern is to help students succeed. Our goal is to make each student’s test prep experience as stress-free and successful as possible.

Students come to us from all backgrounds and with a variety of needs. We work with students who need strategy, content, timing, and focus or who are suffering from test stress or anxiety. Everyone, from our instructors, staff, and management, is united to help students achieve the best possible score on their exam.

American Scholars Academy History

Enejoh A. Alfa found American Scholars Academy Nigeria, He had a background in psychometric theory (a fancy way to say test design and development). He founded American Scholars with a social mission to provide the highest quality, full-length classroom based courses and Universities placement services accessible to all students. He personally designed the entire curriculum for each course and developed new, innovative, and original test preparation products unseen in the industry.

During our formative years he honed his test prep and Universities Placement services, enhanced and continually redeveloped our core curriculum, and updated our courses to reflect all of his research and experience. Through his efforts we now provide the highest quality, classroom based test preparation products available and Student Universities Placement services.

American Scholars Academy believes that the best test prep courses for students are in-person, instructor-led, classroom based courses: students learning from trained test preparation experts, working together collaboratively in a classroom format, face-to-face with their instructor. All of our students learn in a classroom with instructors who adapt the curriculum and the class to their students’ needs. American Scholars focuses exclusively on four classroom based test preparation courses. All of our resources are committed to offering the best, most comprehensive, live, classroom based test preparation courses available.

Today we’re a high reputable company that has provided in-person, classroom based test preparation courses and student placement Services


American Scholars Academy partners with a number of universities, colleges, and high schools. We welcome and encourage universities, high schools, and institutions to contact us for partnering and in-house work. Our expert team can customize a course specifically tailored to your requirements.

What Makes us Unique

We are the only test preparation company that focuses exclusively on full length, in person, classroom based courses. Our focus is on real people, with courses driven by the human edge. We’re passionate about our focus and we dedicate all of our resources to only four products: SAT, GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS in-person, classroom based test preparation courses. American Scholars leads the test preparation industry in the human approach.

We are all original, and have designed our test preparation courses from the ground up.We devote considerable resources to research and development to provide students with the most up-to-date and comprehensive classes available.

Our instructors are the most qualified in the industry. Every American Scholars Academy instructor has teaching experience, and a graduate level education. We strongly believe in well-rounded instructors.In addition, all of our instructors have prior teaching experience; knowing how to teach is just as important as having a top score on the test. By requiring our instructors to have a graduate level education, we provide students with unrivaled instructors who have exceptional intellectual and analytical skills. Our instructors are without comparison.

We’re straight-forward and honest in our approach. We tell it like it is and we work smart. We speak like real people, provide straight-talk answers to questions, and work as a team to help others. We have a distinct focus, and our streamlined products enhance the quality of our courses and aid in the selection of our instructors. You’ll notice our caring and professional service each time you interact with our staff or instructors. We’re unified under one goal: to help students reach their potential and maximize their test scores.

We are the nationwide value leader. Our company has a social mission to provide top caliber test preparation courses at a value price. Team American Scholars is committed to the social responsibility of accessible test preparation courses: Everyone deserves to put their best score out there.

Available to Media, Public Speaking and Conferences

American Scholars Academy management is available for print and web articles, phone interviews, on-air radio broadcasts, and in-person interviews, panels and discussions. We can provide talks on a wide range of subjects related to standardized test preparation. Management is also available to speak at regional and national conferences. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

How we View Standardized Testing

We support standardized testing as a valid predictor of future college, graduate, and professional school success. If properly used with other significant and explanatory predictors, standardized test scores can be useful in determining a better overall understanding of an applicant’s potential.

Testing in one form or another has solidified in our culture and is here to stay. This should not be interpreted that standardized testing is without flaw or misuse. Standardized testing is imperfect; we try to even the odds and maximize students’ potential by providing thorough and comprehensive courses accessible to a great number of individuals.

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